Terrell Andre "Dre" Cohen

From Circle Of The Crone

Player Name: Bill Malvasi

Character Name" Terrell Andre "Dre" Cohen

Nicknames: The Hebrew Hammer, Bad Jew

Age: Unknown

The Hebrew Hammer's Journal

See the man with the muscle car? No not the Ferrari, I'm talking about the real car. See him? Shaved head? Star of David Tattooed on it? That's Terrell Andre Cohen. It is known that he is obsessed with cars...and loves his "family." He is a great grand childe of Julia Kincaid and keep that secret.

When he's seen in public lately it's either with other Kincaid family members such as Madame Marie Julia Rose-Kincaid, who is the only one that still calls him Terrell, or any of the other Kincaids. Seems to be the quiet one of the family when around family.

Former Carthian, most reasons are unknown of why he left, but mostly because people are too afraid to ask.


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